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No. Part Number Manufacturer Description
1 MASW-000932-13560T M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Switch ICs .01-4.0GHz 80Watt SPDT -40C +85C
2 SE2528L-R Skyworks Solutions Inc RF Amplifier 2.4GHz Gain 33 dB 3.3Volt -40C +85C
3 SKY65028-70LF Skyworks Solutions Inc RF Amplifier 250-2700MHz AlGaAs Gain 20dB
4 AFEM-S106-BLKG Avago Technologies RF Front End 5GHz WiFi FEM
5 TQP3M9039 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 500-1500MHz NF .6dB High Gain 18dB
6 AH101-G TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 50.-1500MHz 13.5dB Gain
7 MAAM-009286-TR3000 M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Amplifier 250-4000MHz Gain 15.5dB
8 SA606DK/01,112 NXP Semiconductors RF Wireless Misc LV NB FM IF RCVR SYS
9 SA602AD/01,112 NXP Semiconductors RF Mixer LV LNA DOUBLE BAL
10 UPC8151TB-A CEL RF Amplifier Lo Current Amplifier
11 CY28517ZXC Cypress Semiconductor Phase Locked Loops - PLL PacketClockClk
12 TQM8M9079 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 500-2700MHz NF 4dB Gain 38dB Attn. 30dB
13 PK22DX256VLF5 Freescale Semiconductor RF Transceiver Lo-Pwr 32B ARM Cortex
14 nRF24LE1-F16Q48-SAMPLE Nordic Semiconductor RF Transceiver 2.4GHz RF TRNSCVR W/ EMB MCU & 10BIT ADC
15 WJA1500 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 50-1000MHz +47dBm OIP3
16 TGA4905-CP TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 25-31 GHz 4W HPA
17 LA72910V-MPB-E ON Semiconductor Modulator / Demodulator
18 DR7000 RFM RF Transceiver 3G Transceiver Module 433.92 MHz
19 TDA18273HN/C1,551 NXP Semiconductors Tuners HYB TV 3MHz 4.6dB
20 27997 Parallax Inc RF Transceiver 433.92MHz RF RECVER SIP PCB MODULE
21 MASW-004102-12760G M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Switch ICs 200-180000MHz -65C +125C Iso 50dB
22 VG111-F TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 1700-2200MHz +39.5dBm OIP3
23 MKW21D512VHA5 Freescale Semiconductor RF Transceiver 32 BIT, 512K FLASH W/O USB
24 TGA2505 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 13-17 GHz Ku Band 2W HPA
25 MAAP-010171-TR0500 M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Amplifier 2.5-3.5GHz 8Watt Gain=27dB typ.
26 SI4012-A0-GTR Silicon Laboratories Inc RF Transmitter 27-960 MHz RF Transmitter
27 TGA2527-SM T/R TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 12.5-15.5GHz NF7.5dB Gain 25 dB
28 SAF7730HV/N224,518 NXP Semiconductors Tuners DUAL IF CAR RADIO
29 XZ1003-QT-0G00 M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Front End 775-1525MHZ 3.3VOLT 75 OHM
30 TQP369181 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier DC-6GHz NF 3.6dB Gain 15.3dB 50 Ohm
31 BGY67A,112 NXP Semiconductors RF Amplifier BULK CATV
32 TGA4902-SM-T/R TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier Ka-Band MPA
33 CX24113A-12Z,518 NXP Semiconductors Tuners Digital Satellite Turner RF IC
34 CC2430ZF128RTC Texas Instruments RF System on a Chip - SoC CC2430 Online Data Sheet**
35 UPG2150T5L-A CEL RF Switch ICs Bluetooth SP3T
36 P1110 Powercast RF Receiver 23dBm 50mA 902-928MHz 4.2V
37 JN5161/001,515 NXP Semiconductors RF Microcontrollers - MCU
38 JN5164/001,515 NXP Semiconductors RF Microcontrollers - MCU
39 EMRS-1TR M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Mixer
40 AG503-89G TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier DC-4000MHz 21.5dB Gain@900MHz
41 MAALSS0042TR-3000 M/A-COM Technology Solutions RF Amplifier 1550-1600MHz Gain 27dB
42 TQP6M9002 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Front End 2.4-2.5GHz
43 TGA4036 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 19-38 GHz Gain Block
44 TGA4040 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 17-43 GHZ Gain Block 2X & 3X Multiplier
45 TGA1073G-SCC TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 19-27GHz K Band MPA
46 TGA1135B-SCC TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 18-27GHz K Band HPA
47 TGA2502 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 13-15GHz 4W HPA
48 TGA8349-SCC TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier DC-14GHz LNA AGC
49 TGA2508 TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 12-19GHz 1W Amplifier 4 stage
50 TGA1073C-SCC TriQuint Semiconductor RF Amplifier 36-40GHz Ka Band MPA

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